3 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Munich You Should Try

As a vegetarian eating out can be difficult. Especially when you're traveling. Some cities are the most vegan friendly than other foods. I can safely say that Munich is a city to use vegetables. In the following paragraphs, you'll discover three vegetarian restaurants that should be used when you are visiting Munich.

I recently did a 3 day trip to Munich. Before the trip, I did research on the web for the variety of vegetarian restaurants in the city. This saved me a lot of nerves, since I did not think that I will be able to get proper vegetarian food.

If you're traveling to a new city as a vegetarian, I recommend you do research on vegan and vegetarian restaurants atmosphere beforehand. The last thing you want to do on the trip is wandering around town with stomach growling for something to eat vegan!

If you are about to visit Munich, be prepared to be totally happy. This city is a beautiful place to be. Besides being the capital of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany, Munich is easily accessible, clean and full of beautiful parks to visit. Although Munich is the place for high-tech industry in bloom, which goes hand in hand with the old town museums, caf├ęs, brasseries and, yes, good vegetarian food.

So here is the list of the 3 must try the vegetarian restaurants in Munich!

1. Max Pett

Max Pett restaurant is located near the old town, near the metro station Sendlinger Tor. This restaurant is 100% vegetarian and does not sell alcohol (however, offering some super cool cocktails and wine without alcohol).

Max Pett is an ideal place for anyone who wants to try a variety of healthy dishes like vegetarian soups, salad, vegan cheese and mocktails.

I stopped by Max Pett after a long walk through the old city for an hour late lunch around 17:00. They had plenty of choice of food to choose from sandwiches to soups, main courses and desserts. As you have to try the asparagus in Germany, I ordered asparagus quinoa salad. And it was absolutely delicious!

The price of a ticket is 15 to EUR 20. The food arrived in 20 minutes, the overall atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming (they have tables both indoors and outdoors).

2. Gratitude Restaurant

Restaurant Gratitude is 100% vegetarian and is in Maxvorstadt, the central city of Munich. It is about a 20 minute walk from the old town.

Anyone who loves the vegetarian food love this place. They offer dishes like burritos, ravioli, tacos avocado with tempeh, cheesecakes and more. Other restaurants, Gratitude really stood out with the beautiful presentation, reflective of each dish.

For incoming ordered caps. I could not believe how good it was served! The plate is filled with things like couscous salad, oven fries, falafel, bread, hummus and olives. For the main course, I had the tempeh tacos with avocado. The tempeh was out of this world! Delicious, crunchy and something my taste buds had never tasted before. Another friend ordered a burrito which was also very good.

The ticket price is around 10 euros. The only downside was we had to wait an hour to get our food. But it was probably due to the Friday night - the restaurant was crowded. If you are planning to have dinner here, make a reservation in advance!

3. Tushita Teehaus

Tushita Teehaus became the first place we went right after arriving to Munich Airport. It is just 5 minutes walk from the old town and is just around the corner when you walk out of the subway station Fraunhofersrasse.

If you like cozy tea shops, this is the perfect place for you. At the beginning, it might seem that Tushita Teehaus a cafeteria, but it turns out that, in addition to delicious coffees with matcha milk and other hot drinks, which offer delicious vegetarian food as well! They also sell a lot (I mean a lot) of tea accessories and tea, so if you're a fan of tea in general, this could be your paradise tea.

We went to Tushita Teehaus around breakfast time to see what they offer. Since we were starving (literally), we ordered two dishes of millet porridge and pastries stuffed with seitan. For drinks, the two had matcha lattes. Both food and matcha were delicious.

The price of the breakfast coffee was around 6 euros. Food came quickly, in just 15 minutes.

So these are three vegetarian restaurants have to treat visiting Munich. Of course, there is much more vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants, but because of my short trip, I had the opportunity to try some of them.

We hope this list gave an idea of ​​what to expect in Munich, when it comes to vegetarian food. Remember to do your own research before the trip. Trust me, it's worth!

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