3 Challenges of Being Vegetarian and How To Overcome

It's easy to be a vegetarian today? Although herbal movement is increasing, there are many problems that Vegetarian have to face almost every day yet. And it is not just food-related issues. In this article, you will discover top 3 Vegetarian and can overcome struggles.

As a vegetarian for 6 years and Vegetarian for 2, I talked to a lot of consumers of plant origin. Whether it's a friend of mine, my reader blogs or someone on Instagram to ask a question, over time I realized that there are a couple of problems that keep repeating within the Vegetarian community.

So in this post, I picked 3 of the biggest problems that Vegetarian fight with and for every fight I've given a couple of options for improvement. This will be a long post so be sure to grab a cup of coffee or tea on the way!

1. Eating Out

After spending time talking to lots and lots of Vegetarian in my email, I have concluded that eating out is the number one fighting for plant eaters. Eating out is a broad term so I've divided this section into four specific scenarios - eating in restaurants, social events, this is airplane food and eating out when traveling.

Let's dive into them!

If you're a vegetarian, eat in a restaurant can be a pain. These are the things I hear a lot of my readers:

"Going out to eat with my friends makes me nervous because I do not know if the restaurant has vegetarian options."

"The only vegetarian restaurant choices are salad and chips with tomato salsa normal."

Do you have a struggle with overeating?

Certainly I have, and I know how intimidating and overwhelming you can feel ...

Although the situation is slowly improving, there are still many restaurants that offer zero or only some vegetarian options. You can get tired of eating the same food vegetarian single again and again or potato salad order and simply because they have no other options for vegetarians.

But there's more than that. There are some restaurants that do not even know what's in their food - you can not tell if you are a vegetarian or not! Or sometimes the waitress has no idea what "Vegetarian" and she just assume it's a vegetarian and bring a slice of cheese margarita.

So what to do? Here are some tips.

Tip # 1: Plan ahead and research

If you have an option to choose the restaurant, use the application to find Happy Cow vegetarian restaurants (or restaurants with vegetarian options) nearby.

If no vegetarian restaurants in your city, try to choose an Asian restaurant, as they tend to have many more Vegetarian food than other restaurants.

Tip # 2: Look for the restaurant menu online

If your friends have chosen the restaurant, try to find their menu online to see if you'll have no choice. Maybe they have a website or a Facebook page where they share their menu.

If you can not find the menu, make a quick call and see if they have any vegetarian options. If they do not know what "Vegetarian", politely explain to those who do not consume any product animal. If you do not offer anything vegetarian, ask if the chef could arrange something for you (usually going to be willing to do that!).

Tip # 3: Do not forget substitutes!

Most restaurants have vegetarian options, which can easily be made vegetarian. Ask whether the milk or eggs may be removed from the plate or replaced with a vegetarian ingredient (for example, can replace butter with oil).

Tip # 4: Be creative with dishes

Most restaurants offer many different aspects that are Vegetarian. If you order sides like rice, beans and vegetables, you can get yourself a pretty balanced meal.

Tip # 5: eat beforehand

If you know that the options are very limited (for example, if you go to a steak house), eat something beforehand and order a drink or a snack when you're in the restaurant.

2. Social Pressure

Social pressure is another great for Vegetarian. Let's be honest - the media still is full of stupid stereotypes about plant eaters. So we can not really blame anyone for judging Vegetarian.

As the Vegetarian movement is growing and there are more and more stories about the success of the vegetarian diet and lifestyle, this situation should I change soon, I think. All you need is to spread the correct information.

Peer pressure is a broad subject, the same as eating out, so I've divided into 4 smaller sections - feeling pressure from family members, trying to explain why a Vegetarian, people accidentally face and answering silly questions.

Pressure from family members
Why he is concerned his mother and critical after going Vegetarian? Because she cares about you and your health. A the same as I said before - there are a lot of stereotypes that Vegetarian are always hungry, weak and deficient in nutrients.

You need to break those stereotypes. How? Here are some tips.

Tip # 1: Be positive and inspiring

Send your photos Mom of their delicious vegetarian meals. Tell all about his accomplishments - since it is related to sports or other activities. Show him that you feel good. But be honest.

Tip # 2: cooking for your family

If no one wants to cook vegetarian meals for your family, be cooking for them!

I am lucky to have a mother who is very open. Although I was skeptical at the beginning, soon after, when he saw my passion for a lifestyle based on plants, it ate my delicious vegetarian meals and I was running a half marathon, dropped doubt. Even better - now she mostly plant-based!

And the last thing you want to do is to judge family members or being defensive - does not work. These two destructive strategies can even lead to the other extreme - your family will be even more critical and disappointed.

3. Cravings for Cheesy or meaty flavors

Although most common with Vegetarian rookies, even a few long-term Vegetarian sometimes crave the same old flavors of cheese, eggs and grilled meat. If you've grown up with these flavors, it is natural that they crave.

Fortunately, there are many excellent (and cheap) food Vegetarian substitutes that can be used to replace necessary ingredients or get the flavors you want in your Vegetarian foods. And, yes, even Vegetarian can make your own cheese flavored cheese (check out this Vegetarian or vegetarian recipe is parmesan cream cheese) and make an omelette without egg filling!

I think most of the three substitutions taste Vegetarian are impressive:

  • Nutritional yeast for flavor cheese
  • Smoke liquid smoke flavor, meaty
  • Kala Namak (salt India also known as black) for a taste of egg.

So here you have it - 3 fights bigger Vegetarian and how to overcome them. I really hope you found this post helpful!

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